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Community Resources

Code, articles and videos related to WireMock from around the web.


WireMocha is a WireMock plugin for IntelliJ:

Mark Winteringham wrote a very handy Chrome extension to provide a UI over WireMock:

Spring Contract Verifier (previously called Accurest) is a consumer driven contracts tool that generates WireMock stub mappings as examples for client testing.

A Spring REST Docs integration for WireMock that generates WireMock stub mappings from your test cases:

WireMock Maven Plugin:

Maciej Walkowiak has built a library providing zero-config, fully declarative Spring Boot integration with WireMock in JUnit 5 tests:

@GenerateWireMockStub for Spring REST controllers, built by Lukasz Gryzbon, makes the creation of WireMock stubs for tests safe and effortless:


Simulate webhooks with this extension:

Some folks at Open Table have written a response transformer for injecting data from the request body into the response:

In a similar vein, Adam York has written a response transformer utilising Velocity templates:

Mason Malone has built an extension for matching requests based on the contents of JSON web tokens:

Also from Mason, an extension for finding and removing unused stub mappings:

Felipe Fernández has built a Spock extension to enhance automation around record and replay functionality:

Automate configuration of stubs, given JAX-RS annotated resources, with this extension:

Monitor JVM metrics and wiremock response time:

Other languages

PHP client by Rowan Hill:

Ruby wrapper by Jeffres S. Morgan:

Groovy binding by Tom Jankes:

Python client by Cody Lee:

NodeJS wrapper:

NodeJS + TypeScript client:


Sam Edwards has been hugely helpful in getting WireMock onto the Android platform and helping others do so. Here is his blog post explaining how to write an Espresso test using WireMock as your app's back-end:

Dusan Dević at Yenlo wrote a useful guide to testing error conditions in the WSO2 ESB using Wiremock:

Phill Barber has written a couple of interesting posts about practical testing scenarios with WireMock:

Bas Dijkstra kindly open sourced the content for the workshop he ran on WireMock and REST Assured:

@GenerateWireMockStub for Spring REST controllers, built by Lukasz Gryzbon, makes the creation of WireMock stubs for tests safe and effortless:

WireMock workshop:


Fluent and thorough live-coding demonstration of WireMock delivered by Sam Edwards at DevFest DC:

Sebastian Daschner presents a step-by-step guide to running your acceptance tests in Kubernetes using WireMock:

Interesting and detailed presentation by Lotte Johansen on testing microservices with WireMock at Norway's top online marketplace:

Chris Batey did an excellent talk at Skillsmatter in London about building fault tolerant microservices. He showed some practical failure testing strategies using WireMock and Saboteur he'd used for real while working at Sky:

Daniel Bryant's excellent QCon presentation “The Seven Deadly Sins of Microservices” covers the full gamut of microservice anti-patterns seen in the wild, with some sound advice on how to fix them. WireMock and Saboteur get an honourable mention in the testing discussion:

The folks at Intuit have built a very impressive and ambitious testing setup, using WireMock to isolate individual services. Here's a talk they did at AWS:Reinvent:

Michael Bailey was the first person to publicly demonstrate the possibility of running WireMock on Android. Here's his presentation at Google's GTAC conference on the testing setup used by his team at Amex:

Tom and Rob Elliot gave a join talk at Skillsmatter about patterns for readable and scalable tests with WireMock, and an approach for unit testing a CDN:


Build a Paypal sandbox for load testing in 10 minutes

Mock REST API tutorial