Commercial Support

WireMock is an open source project. In accordance with the Apache License 2.0, in general there is no support or guarantees provided for it. You can get some assistance through WireMock community channels, and contribute to helping other users too. At the same time, there are vendors that provide commercial support for WireMock.

Products with commercial support

WireMock Cloud - Priority Support

Built on WireMock, WireMock Cloud offers a hosted experience including a self-service UI, enterprise support, and unlimited scale. Key features, in addition to all WireMock capabilities, include support for manual and automated testing, importing APIs from OpenAPI and Swagger, and Chaos Engineering.

For users of the WireMock Cloud service, WireMock Inc offers priority support with a guaranteed SLA as part the Enterprise subscription plan. You can find more info about WireMock Cloud support plans here.

Get in touch with our team to discuss options or get a demo.

WireMocha - Integration for JetBrains IDEs

WireMocha is a plugin for IntelliJ based IDEs, and has tools for WireMock specific static code analysis (in the Java and JSON DSLs), code generation, stubbing, and many others to overall simplify the work with WireMock.

Two prominent code generation features, beside a handful of smaller ones, can help you:

  • generate a scenario’s Java and JSON stub implementations by simply modeling its states and transitions in a dedicated tool window,
  • generate and preview the Java version of JSON stub mappings on-the-fly during editing JSON mapping files. It can speed up migration from JSON to Java implementation.

JSON schemas are also associated to JSON mapping files, and are joined with various language injections. They provide additional syntax highlighting (e.g. Handlebars, XPath, …) and validation, as well as code completion that can greatly speed up the implementation and maintenance of JSON mapping files.

The plugin is available on the JetBrains Marketplace for a 30-day trial and for purchase. You can raise your questions, feature requests or bug reports on GitHub, and browse its documentation here.

Trainings and Workshops

Trainings and Workshops by Bas Dijkstra

Bas Dijkstra is an independent consultant providing in-company training and workshops in WireMock, both on-site and online. You can find more information about his services and get in touch with him on his website.
If you’re looking for material to help you practice using WireMock on your own machine, in your own time, Bas Dijkstra also maintains an open source workshop on WireMock that is free for all to use:

Other commercial options / Add yours

Any other company or individual consultant are welcome to submit a pull request and to extend information on this page.