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Code, articles and videos related to WireMock from around the web.

Configuration / Clients

Automate configuration of stubs from JAX-RS annotated resources.
Wiremock with JAX-RS support. Enables creation of stubs from JAX-RS annotated resources

Monitor JVM metrics and WireMock response times.
Wiremock extension that expose jvm and wiremock requests metrics in prometheus format.

PHP client for WireMock
Stub and mock web services with the power of WireMock from PHP.

NodeJS client for WireMock
This is Wiremock Standalone wrapped inside an NPM package. It relies only on dependencies found in NPM.

NodeJS + TypeScript client WireMock
WireMock Captain provides an easy interface for testing HTTP-based APIs.

Epresso test using WireMock as the backend for Android apps
Running WireMock on Android

Make the creation of WireMock stubs for Spring REST controllers safe and effortless.
Adds a @GenerateWireMockStub annotation for Spring REST controllers makes the creation of WireMock stubs for tests safe and effortless.


WireMocha is a WireMock plugin for IntelliJ.
WireMocha is an IntelliJ-based plugin that provides framework integration for the WireMock library. It offers various tools to generate and validate WireMock related test code, and to provide additional contextual information

Spring Contract Verifier (previously called Accurest)
Spring Contract Verifier (previously called Accurest) is a consumer driven contracts tool that generates WireMock stub mappings as examples for client testing

Spring REST Docs WireMock Integration
A Spring REST Docs integration for WireMock that generates WireMock stub mappings from your test cases.

A WireMock plugin for Maven.
Run WireMock as part of Maven lifecycle.

Zero-config, fully declarative Spring Boot integration with WireMock.
WireMock Spring Boot drastically simplifies testing HTTP clients in Spring Boot & Junit 5 based integration tests.

JSON Web Token Request Matching
An extension for matching requests based on the contents of JSON web tokens

Create a mock server with WireMock and Postman - Practical implementation
In this video you will see how to configure Wiremock server in Postman.

Create a mock server with WireMock and Postman - Configuration theory
This video discusses Wiremock and its configuration theory while creating mock server in postman.

Transparent http client testing with http4K and WireMock
Hear WireMock engineer, Robert Elliot as he gives a talk on transparent http client testing with http4K and WireMock


A workshop introduction to service virtualization with WireMock
Open source workshop teaching you the basics of WireMock

A step-by-step guide to running your acceptance tests in Kubernetes using WireMock.
A video showing how to mock external systems in acceptance tests using WireMock and Kubernetes.

Testing microservices with WireMock at Norway's top online marketplace.
Norway's number one online marketplace, used to be a monolith but has migrated to Microservices during the last 4 years. The daily life of developers has become a lot better with Microservices, instead of everyone working on the same monolith. However, a problem arises when testing services thoroughly, as each service is dependent on other Microservices. This has been a big challenge, and has led to a lot of manual testing. However, lately we have started using a tool called WireMock which helps us stubbing out other Microservices. We will explain how this tool has helped us. Hopefully, the talk will help other developers with similar problems to get better testing when using Microservices.

AWS:Reinvent talk from Intuit on isolating services for testing with WireMock.
One of the challenges of implementing CI/CD with service-oriented architectures (SOA) is reliable execution of test automation. Because every service evolves on its own schedule, having a single integrated test environment is virtually impossible. One way to handle this complexity is dependency mocking. We use the Wiremock tool, which allows users to stub for service dependencies and do resiliency testing that was hard to automate before.

Using WireMock for HTTP stubbing and mocking.
WireMock is a powerful tool for testing and simulating HTTP interactions in your application. By following this guide, you can effectively integrate WireMock into your development and testing workflows, ensuring robust and reliable tests for your HTTP-dependent components.

Request filtering (interception) and modification with WireMock.
Wiremock is a powerful tool and it is used for mocking APIs. It has a ton of features and configurations. This tutorial is about one of those features called request filtering. By using this feature we can easily intercept any request and modify it.

Mastering API Performance Testing with k6, Grafana and WireMock.
A Comprehensive Guide to Load Testing APIs with k6, Grafana, and WireMock.

Standalone stub server using Spring Cloud Contract and WireMock.
This article explains how to build a standalone stub server for stubbing REST APIs using Spring Cloud Contract WireMock.

Mock servers in the era of microservices.
We are in the era of microservices. One of the advantages of microservices architecture is faster time to market. Development can be split into smaller parts, hence can be developed in parallel. Most of the time microservices communication is done by REST API. With that being said, a question arises as to how to efficiently develop a part of the system that requires communication with another part that is not ready. And the answer is by using mock. This tutorial will show how to easily set up a local mock server.

Understanding proxying with WireMock and .NET
In this lecture we will understand proxing of WireMock.NET and how to enable proxying within WireMock Server.

Running WireMock as a .NET Tool in CommandLine
In this lecture we will discuss how we can run WireMock as a .NET tool in the command line interface and map the existing Static mapping file and run the WireMock.NET as a full blown server instead of you running WireMock on the code.

Generating Static Mappings for Stubs in WireMock and .NET
In this lecture we will discuss how we can generate static mappings for all the registered stubs in WireMockServer in WireMock.NET

Using admin interfaces to debug tests efficiently with WireMock and .NET
In this lecture we will discuss how Admin Interface provided by WireMock.NET

Getting JSON body responses from WireMock and .NET
In this lecture we will work with Getting JSON body response from WireMock.NET

Mocking Bearer Token Authentication using WireMock and .NET
In this lecture we will work with Mocking Bearer Token Authentication using WireMock.NET

Custom database Logging with WireMock
This video empowers you to extend WireMock's functionalities by implementing a custom database notifier. Store detailed request and response data directly in your MySQL database for powerful logging capabilities.

Understanding request matchers in WireMock and .NET
In this lecture we will understand and work with different types of Request Matchers in WireMock.NET

Advanced API mocking Strategies with WireMock Cloud
This video dives deep into the advanced capabilities of WireMock Cloud, the industry-leading platform for streamlined and powerful API mocking.

Introduction to WireMock and .NET
WireMock.NET is a flexible and powerful tool for stubbing and mocking HTTP services for testing purposes. It allows you to simulate HTTP responses from real servers

Dev Services for Gradle Projects with Quarkus, Gradle and WireMock
Oleg Nenashev - Community Builder and Developer Advocate, Gradle & CNCF Ambassador and Jenkins Core Maintainer talks about Dev Services for Gradle Projects with Quarkus, Gradle and WireMock

Spring Cloud OpenFeign & Testing with WireMock
In this Spring Boot 3 Microservices tutorial series, we will learn how to build microservices using Spring Boot and Spring Cloud. This is part 4 of the series, in this part, we will cover, Integrating Synchronous Communication using Spring Cloud OpenFeign, Write Integration Tests using WireMock

Easy Integration Tests for Spring webclients with WireMock.
In this video, I will show you how to perform integration testing for Spring WebClient that invokes external REST APIs with WireMock and JUnit 5.

Wiremock - How to use dynamic responses (Espanol)
Neste vídeo você vai aprender a utilizar respostas dinâmicas em seus stubs com WireMock.

WireMock platform Enhanced API Security Astra Review
WireMock is an API developer productivity platform that provides developers with the tools and technologies needed to get the job done easily when they depend on APIs in the development process. It allows developers to be productive when they're consuming 3rd party and internal APIs that delay their development or when they prototype and deliver APIs.

The power of visualization with WireMock (Espanol)
É a sua chance de explorar os conceitos fundamentais e obter respostas para todas as suas perguntas sobre Arquiteturas de Integrações.

Exploring WireMock's built-in request matchers
In this video tutorial we will learn about WireMock's in built matchers to create stub configurations. equalTo, contains, doesNotContain, matches, doesNotMatches, and, or, hasExactly, includes, caseinsensitive

Request Matching With URLs with WireMock
This video talks about request matching with URL, regular expressions, query parameter & path parameter matching

External APIs Testing with WireMock
This video, will show you how to mock external APIs in Java using WireMock.

Setup a WireMock Standalone Server Locally and create a basic JSON stub

Top use cases for API mocking with WireMock

Wiremock for monoliths vs microservices

Web services integration testing with WireMock
Одна из наиболее частых проблем, которые могут возникнуть при автоматизации тестирования веб-сервисов, заключается в том, что внешний сервис недоступен на момент разработки.

Exploring API Testing: Challenges and Tools
In this webinar, we will delve deep into API Testing, exploring its challenges and key aspects that will help us comprehend why it is so important. We will also dive into mocks, their advantages, how to create them, and present a demo of WireMock, an open-source tool for API mocking.

How to generate WireMock stubs with the OpenAPI generator (French)

Fake It until You Make It! API Integration Testing with Containers & WireMock
Testcontainers has become one of the most popular tools for software integration testing. If you can put your system-under-test into a container, Docker compose cluster or a pod, this is what you're likely to use. If your target isn't ready, not containerizable or just too heavy for testing as is, you can always use mock testing frameworks, e.g. WireMock or MockServer in the JVM ecosystem.

Apidays Paris 2023 - Boost Productivity with Mock APIs: A Game Changer
From the classic method of building API-enabled products to the innovative approach of mock-based prototyping, discover how to create, validate, and integrate APIs seamlessly. Presented by Tom Akehurst, CTO & Co-founder at WireMock, learn how tools like Wot Cloud facilitate quick mock API generation and streamline API design, offering long-term value across the development lifecycle.

Testcontainers and API mocking with WireMock for C/C++
Testcontainers has become one of the most popular tools for software integration testing. If you can put your system-under-test into a container, Docker compose cluster or a pod, this is what you’re likely to use. If your target isn’t ready, not containerizable or just too heavy for testing as is, you can always use API mocking like WireMock to mock your interfaces including REST API, gRPC, etc. But are these tools available to C/C++ developers? And the answer is YES

Spring Integration Testing Demystified: Testcontainers, WebTestClient, and WireMock
In this video we delve into the secrets of integration testing in the Spring environment. Harness the power of tools like Testcontainers for dynamic Docker container management, WebTestClient for HTTP layer testing, and WireMock for creating client testing stubs.

Integration Tests with WireMock and Spring Boot
In this tutorial, we write integration tests for the Spring Boot application using WireMock.

Response templating - how to create mock APIs that return dynamic responses in WireMock Cloud
In this video, we'll show you how to use dynamic response templating in WireMock Cloud to create a powerful mock API that can serve different data using a single stub. Response templating allows you to simulate real-world API behavior by providing variable responses based on the incoming request. This helps you create more realistic tests and examine how downstream components interact with the API in different scenarios.

Stub External APIs with WireMock and Spring Boot
In this tutorial, we stub an external API using WireMock. I also use the new RestClient for the first time to interact with the API.

REST APIs for your tests with WIreMock (Russian)