WireMock and .NET

WARNING: This document is for an old WireMock 2.x baseline. See the documentation for the current WireMock 3.x baseline here

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WireMock.Net #

A .NET implementation of a API mock server in C# based on mock4net It mimics the functionality from WireMock implemented in Java. WireMock.NET can be used with all .NET based languages, both .NET Framework and .NET Core are supported. It can also be deployed as a standalone server, including Windows service and a container.

Compatibility Notice. WireMock.Net is not fully compatible with WireMock in terms of the configuration file formats and Administrative REST API.


WireMockInspector #

WireMockInspector is a cross platform UI app that facilitates WireMock troubleshooting. It presents a list of requests received by the WireMock.Net server, combines request data with associated mapping, presents a list of all available mappings with the definition, generate C# code for defining selected mappings.

Compatibility Notice. The tool is designed for WireMock.Net and not fully compatible with WireMock

WireMockInspector is distributed as dotnet tool so it can be easily install on Windows/MacOS/Linux.


Wiremock UI #

Tool for creating mock servers, proxies servers and proxies servers with the option to save the data traffic from an existing API or Site. It is a wrapper over WireMock.

Compatibility Notice. The tool is designed for WireMock and not fully compatible with WireMock.Net