WireMock and Kubernetes

WARNING: This document is for an old WireMock 2.x baseline. See the documentation for the current WireMock 3.x baseline here

WireMock Helm Chart (Experimental) #

There is an experimental Helm Chart for WireMock. It allows deploying the official WireMock Docker images and also other charts that extend it.

gRPC Proxy #

grpc-wiremock is a proxy wrapper around the WireMock Standalone server that offers support for the gRPC protocol. It is implemented in Java and runs as a standalone proxy that can be deployed in the same or another container. The project is under active development, and the contributions are welcome!

DISCLAIMER: This repository was forked from Adven27/grpc-wiremock which was archived by the maintainer. This fork is used to preserve the repository, and to make it available for experimental use and contributions. See wiremock/wiremock #2148 for the feature request about providing an officially supported implementation

gRPC WireMock


Useful pages #