Listening for Stub Changes

You can subscribe to changes in the state of WireMock’s stubs via the StubLifecycleListener extension point.

For instance, to respond after a new stub has been created you would do the following:

public class MyStubEventListener implements StubLifecycleListener {

    public void afterStubCreated(StubMapping stub) {
        log.debug("Stub named " + stub.getName() + " was created");

    public String getName() {
        return "my-listener";

The following methods can be overridden to subscribe to various stub lifecycle events:

void beforeStubCreated(StubMapping stub)
void afterStubCreated(StubMapping stub)
void beforeStubEdited(StubMapping oldStub, StubMapping newStub)
void afterStubEdited(StubMapping oldStub, StubMapping newStub)
void beforeStubRemoved(StubMapping stub)
void afterStubRemoved(StubMapping stub)
void beforeStubsReset()
void afterStubsReset()