WireMock API Templates Library

The library.wiremock.org site provides a catalog of API Templates that can be used with both WireMock or WireMock Cloud. You can browse our library of mock API templates and examples, find the API that you need, and get a running mock in seconds - on your local machine or in the cloud.

Mock API Templates Library

Using templates in WireMock #

  1. Go to the Mock API Templates Library site
  2. Choose a template you need. There are categories and search capabilities at your disposal
  3. Click the Download WireMock JSON button to download the JSON file
  4. Use the JSON file to configure your WireMock instance See Using Templates

Using templates in WireMock Cloud #

For WireMock Cloud there is also the Run in WireMock Cloud button that allows you to quickly import the Mock API definition into your project.

Editing and Adding templates #

Template definitions can be found in another repository: wiremock/api-template-library.

If you would like to edit the existing template or to contribute a new API template, feel free to submit a pull request to wiremock/api-template-library. This is a public repository enables WireMock and WireMock Cloud users to build their own Mock APIs based off a public template, e.g. for your public service.

A template can be added to featured list by adding the featured tag in the metadata JSON. If a template is somehow related to WireMock, please also use the wiremock tag.

It may take some time to propagate changes to WireMock or WireMock Cloud.

References #