Participate in WireMock

WireMock exists and continues to thrive due to the efforts of over 150 contributors, and we continue to welcome contributions to its evolution. Regardless of your expertise and time you could dedicate, there’re opportunities to participate and help the project!

Ways to contribute #

You can help make WireMock a better tool and community in a number of ways:

  • Spread the word about WireMock, share your stories and contributions
  • Help other WireMock users, e.g. by sharing your expertise or answering questions on community channels
  • Write or improve documentation
  • Raise an issue if you discover a bug
  • Contribute new features, bug fixes or enhancements
  • Improve WireMock user and developer experience
  • Create cool artwork!

Quick Start #

We try to make contributing to WireMock easy for everyone, and we minimize the entry bar where possible. Right now there are now contributor license agreements or anything else that would be an additional obstacle.

  1. Join the WireMock Slack, especially the #help-contributing channel that is dedicated to help the newcomers.
  2. Check out the Contributing Guide below. It describes all ways to contribute
  3. Just do it!

Contributing Guide #

Our main resource is the Contributor Guide. As well as other community materials, we keep it on GitHub in the wiremock/community so everyone can easily access and edit the materials.

Note that many repositories and areas have specialized contributor guidelines that could also help.

Need help? #

If you want to contribute in any way to WireMock itself or its ecosystem and got stuck, do not hesitate to ask on the #help-contributing channel on the WireMock Slack. The sole purpose of this channel is to resolve obstacles and route any questions regarding the contributions. From technical questions to permissions and blog post draft reviews, any query is welcome!

Some activities like Advocacy and Documentation have their own channels on Slack, and you can use them as well.

Frequently asked questions #

Do you accept money donations? #

Short answer: no. But there are ways to support the project’s evolution financially<

At the moment, we do NOT accept money donations. Time is the most precious resource for an open-source project, and we would appreciate if you or your company could contribute some time to improve the project. Providing your employees with some time for open source contributions and for maintenance is widely appreciated by the communities and the employees too.

If you have no time but want to support the project financially:

  • You can hire a freelancer to deliver a WireMock feature you want to see. There are many open source and commercial freelance platforms that could be used. Such contributions will be reviewed and handled according to the normal community processes.
  • There are contributors who are potentially interested in doing contract jobs related to WireMock. If you are looking for something, ask in the #general channel.
  • It is possible to do open source internships in the project to deliver on the project’s roadmap and particular features. Contact Oleg Nenashev on Slack or in DM if interested
  • There are training providers and consultants who provide support for WireMock, develop public content for it and also participate in the community. See the Support page.
  • WireMock Inc invests a lot of resources in WireMock project and community development, including a number of full-time employees. Using and subscribing to its products is also a way to support development of WireMock.