WireMock and Kotlin

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Kotlin DSL Bindings #

There is a Kotlin WireMock library that provides handy Kotlin DSL bindings for WireMock. Note that this library is maintained outside the WireMock organization on GitHub.


wiremock.get {
    url equalTo "/users/1"
} returns {
    statusCode = 200
    header = "Content-Type" to "application/json"
    body = """
      "id": 1,
      "name": "Bob"

Kotest Extension #

Kotest is a popular Kotlin test framework that provides assertions library, property testing and more. There is a Kotest extension for WireMock that integrates WireMock into the framework. Note that this library is maintained by the Kotest community.


class SomeTest : FunSpec({
  val customerServiceServer = WireMockServer(9000)
  listener(WireMockListener(customerServiceServer, ListenerMode.PER_SPEC))

  test("let me get customer information") {

    val connection = URL("http://localhost:9000/customers/123").openConnection() as HttpURLConnection
    connection.responseCode shouldBe 200

    //  ------------OTHER TEST BELOW ----------------